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Exploring the island of Sicily is like exploring the history of Mediterranean culture. This strategically located island has been ruled by many ancient cultures, all of which have left their architectural and artistic marks.

During this special tour of Sicily’s astonishing beauty, you'll enjoy first class luxury as you immerse yourself in today’s culture while discovering the island's rich heritage. We feature luxury hotel accommodations, and you will enjoy exclusive receptions in private noble residences.

There will be plenty of sightseeing, but you will also have free time to make your own discoveries. The breathtaking Greek architecture will leave you speechless, with its 7th-century BC temples, majestic archeological sites, and monumental cities. You will be dazzled by the glittering Arab-Norman mosaics in Monreale and Cefalu and charmed by the colorful Roman mosaics in Piazza Armerina's Imperial Villa.

You will be delighted to explore the Aeolian Islands with their majestic volcanic formations and magnificent beaches. And finally you'll enjoy romantic Taormina with its beautiful vistas and villas.

To make the Sicilian experience complete, you will attend cooking lessons and wine tastings conducted by the best Sicilian connoisseurs. Wine and food lovers will experience the full gamut of fine Sicilian wine and food.

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